What to Wear

I often get asked what to wear for a portrait session.  Some things to keep in mind when choosing clothes:

  1. Be original – don’t all dress the same
  2. Color in clothing adds pop to a photograph
  3. Patterns (i.e. plaid/polka dots) on kids can be pleasing
  4. Avoid words, big logos or characters on clothing
  5. Comfort is key.  Don’t wear clothing that you have to adjust a lot or may be too restricting or uncomfortable.

With the above points in mind, ensure everyone’s outfit makes sense together and looks coordinated by choosing clothes with similar colors.  Just think of it as putting together an outfit for the entire family.

Click on the links below for some great examples from Inspire Me Baby.  There’s no need to spend a lot of money to look good, some of these outfits came straight from Old Navy.


Spring Inspired

Fall Inspired

Baby & Toddler



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